Party Terms & Conditions

  1. There is a £75 non-refundable deposit required to reserve all parties. The remaining balance is payable 5 days before the party.
  2. No refunds are available once the balance has been paid. If we have to close the play centre or the party can not go ahead due to new government restrictions then a refund will be given or the party can be moved to another date if you choose.
  3. If the balance is not paid 5 days before there will be a charge of £45. If the balance is not paid for by 2 days before unfortunately the party will not go ahead.
  4. Final numbers must be confirmed no later than 5 days before the party.
  5. Guest’s siblings may pay for entry on the day but will not be able to join the children in the party room.
  6. The parent/organiser should inform staff of any dietary requirements/allergies at the time of the final payment.
  7. Only food or drink purchased at Adventure forest can be consumed on the premises.
  8. Food and drink is for the party children only.
  9. If you wish you can provide your own table cloth / party wear. These can be dropped off the day before and will need to be clearly labelled with the party name, date and time. Any additional decorations for the party room will need to be done on arrival as there may be a party before. No banners / decorations can be stuck to walls or doors as it damages the paintwork.
  10. The children at the party are not the responsibility of Adventure Forest staff. Parents/organisers are responsible for all the children at the party. There must be a minimum of 3 adults supervising the party at all times as the parties do not include supervision of the children. If children are dropped off at the party without an adult, they are automatically the responsibility of the party host. Please ensure you have all contact numbers and relevant health / allergen information about children being left in your care.
  11. Parents/organisers should familiarise themselves and abide with the rules of play, mini quad rules, terms and conditions, COVID 19 policy (if applicable) children’s play area disclaimer, fire exits, toilets and first aiders (manager and supervisor).
  12. The organiser must be a member of Adventure forest.
  13. If you are booking your own entertainment e.g., photographers / face painters, this should be fine but please double check with us beforehand.
  14. 10 minutes before the end of the party, the party host will call the children back to the room to allow time to give out party favours and collect belongings. The organiser and all guests should return to reception to be checked out no later than the party end time. If organiser/guests want to stay after the party, this can be arranged and paid for at the reception desk (space/availability depending). However, parties that ‘run over’ will incur a late fee to the equivalent of £5 per child attending the party per 15 minutes over as this has a knock-on effect on parties planned for the rest of the day.
  15. You are welcome to bring a cake to the party however if the organiser is giving the cake out to the children to take home, they are required to cut the cake themselves and provide their own napkins. All allergy information regarding the cake must be given out by the party organiser to all guests and is not the responsibility of Adventure Forest. This is in line with Natasha’s law.
  16. Timings of the party will be explained to the organiser at the start of the party by the party host.
  17. Each child attending the party is allowed one adult per child. Any adults over this amount will be charged the normal entry fee.
  18. The party guests and organisers must not arrive any earlier than 15 minutes before the party or they will be asked to wait in reception.
  19. Helium balloons must be weighted down and confined to the party room.
  20. Please bring a list of the party childrens names on the day of your party
  21. Please bring your booking confirmation on the day of your party

Thank you for choosing Adventure Forest for your party

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Term time

Monday9.15 - 3.30
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Wednesday9.15 - 3.30
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Saturday9.15 – 6
Sunday9.15 – 6

School holidays and bank holidays

Monday9.15 – 6
Tuesday9.15 – 6
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Thursday9.15 – 6
Friday9.15 – 6
Saturday9.15 – 6
Sunday9.15 – 6

Additional Times

  • Please note that on the 1st Sunday of every month we are closed to the general public for autism friendly / additional needs sessions from 9.15am - 11.15am.
  • Open every day apart from 24th, 25th, 26th of December and 1st January. (Please note we will also be closing at 1.30pm on New Year's Eve).
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Autism friendly and additional needs sessions.

Additional Needs Friendly

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Autism friendly sessions - Exclusive sessions for children with autism to play in a low stimulus environment with a quiet area to chill out if needed. Parents/carers can socialise and relax in our luxurious café.

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